Community engaged sculpture at Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, NY. 2020-2021 OFFSHORE is a ‘future monument’ to prison abolition. Pennants flying from the fence are printed with messages contributed by local people with experiences of incarceration. Offshore is cantilevered over the East River, the cage

Pennants & Poets

Pennants & Poets is an installation and spoken word event. The Pennants, printed with poems and messages from people who have been directly impacted by incarceration, were created in collaboration with Writers from The Fortune Society and Hour Children Working Women, as well as currently

ICE-Escape Signs

An ongoing series based on fire-escape signs, and sited like the real signs, using site-specific floor-plans of buildings. 2006 - present. Front-engraved plastic, or face-mounted inkjet prints. This long-term project evolves as more venues commission their own customised ICE-Escape signs. The signs, developed through conversations with

Mobile Speakers Podium Chicago to Gary Walk

3 Days, 42 miles, Chicago to Gary Walk with the Mobile Speakers’ Podium for Citizens and Noncitizens. 2018 iteration, new wheels and pull bars added. Collaboration with artist Regin Igloria. Together we pulled the Mobile Speakers Podium on foot from Chicago to Gary, IN, to draw attention

Mobile Speakers’ Podium for Citizens and Non-Citizens

Drawings, models and real life iterations, 2012 - 2019. 2016 iteration of the Mobile Speakers' Podium - 8ft x 4ft x 2ft - steel, siding, casters and chainlink fence, with the support of Meg Noe and the Weinberg-Newtown Gallery, Chicago. A deployable double speakers' corner that

(n)IMBY Hobart-Gary

20 slip cast porcelain transferware boxes, each 3inx3inx7in 2015- 2017 Hobart and Gary are adjoining Indiana communities that were both being targeted by GEO Inc., one of the biggest prison companies in the world, as a site for a new 800 bed for-profit detention center for

Lengua, Libertad!

3-day performance in Pedro Albizu Campos Plaza, Lower East Side, New York, in which I asked passers-by to help teach me Spanish. Volunteer teachers received Certificates of Appreciation from the student. Scroll down for video excerpt (4:17). Thank You! to Sandy Rivera and Alex Sandra Rodriguez,

(n)IMBY Souvenirs

3-D Prints, set of 3, each 8in x 3in x 3in edition of 3. 2013 The Souvenirs are part of a project commemorating the citizens and non-citizens who together successfully fought to block the building of a new for-profit detention center by Corrections Corporation of America


Series of 7 pigment photos, 25in x 35in each. 2012 The title refers to the unexpected transformation of the scornful term ‘nimby’ (not in my backyard,) seen in the recent events in Crete, IL, where local residents and immigrant activists fought successfully to block the building

Land/guage Lesson 1

Sound and animation. 2010. This Excerpt 3:51 (Full length: 19:06 Available on request) Modeled on a teach-yourself Spanish course: Ancient Irrigation Practice in New Mexico As A Model of Social Cooperation. Note: the video begins with sound only. Thank you to the generous and extraordinary Farmer -