(n)IMBY Souvenirs

3-D Prints, set of 3, each 8in x 3in x 3in edition of 3. 2013

The Souvenirs are part of a project commemorating the citizens and non-citizens who together successfully fought to block the building of a new for-profit detention center by Corrections Corporation of America in Crete IL, in 2012. After giving Souvenirs to community activists, I asked if either I could photograph them in context or if they would send me their own photos showing where they had put them. Some of these images are included here; from Linda Daniels’ home, Cetta Smart’s home, and Maria in the store of the Mission Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Little Village, Chicago.

Supported by the Kaplan Institute of Northwestern University and the Rapid Prototyping Lab’s z-Form 3-D print studio.