Community engaged sculpture at Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, NY. 2020-2021
OFFSHORE is a ‘future monument’ to prison abolition. Pennants flying from the fence are printed with messages contributed by local people with experiences of incarceration. Offshore is cantilevered over the East River, the cage framing the Mayor’s Mansion on the other side, referencing the failure to free people trapped in NYC jails such as nearby Rikers Island.

Thanks to the Fortune Society Writers Group, the Hour Children Working Women, and the support of everyone at Socrates.
Fortune Society contributors: Gerard Tanella; Hilton N. Webb, Jr; John Runowicz; Nestor E.; Stanley Eldridge; Blustone; Becky Jane Dunham; Doc Da Edutainer; Marvin Wade (Spiritual Activist); Felix Guzman; Facilitator: Jamie Maleszka.
Hour Children Working Women contributors: Susan Hammill; Demaris Cordero; Ciara Martinez; Nadezda Steele-Warrick; Facilitator: Sarah Murphy.
Contributors from inside NYC jails: Tyquan Curwen; Marcus Brown; Jennifer Martinez; Kerry Herndon; and those whose contributions were censored.
Size: 20×12.6×32.6 ft, and binocular viewer.

The Pennants from Offshore are now available as a stand-alone artwork Pennants + Poets with the contributing writers performing their words alongside the installation.