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2014 video, 3:07 Voice: Carl Hancock Rux Exploration of “The Wayland Rudd Collection,” an archive of images of black people in Russian and Soviet culture in the 20thC. Patterned after the iPhone game “Candy Crush”, a typical ‘matching’ game, the … Continue reading


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Series of 7 pigment photos, 25in x 35in each. 2012 The title refers to the unexpected transformation of the scornful term ‘nimby’ (not in my backyard,) seen in the recent events in Crete, IL, where local residents and immigrant activists … Continue reading

Welcome to America

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Excerpt of a 2004 video by Jenny Polak & Dread Scott exploring brutality against immigrants in US detention after Sept 11, 2001. Images released by the Dept. of justice are paired with a child’s voice repeating the racist, threatening epithets … Continue reading