(n)IMBY Souvenirs

The Souvenirs are part of a project commemorating the citizens and non-citizens who together successfully fought to block the building of a new for-profit detention center by Corrections Corporation of America in Crete IL, in 2012. After giving Souvenirs to community activists, I asked if either I could photograph them in context or if they would send me their own photos showing where they had put them. Some of these images are included here; from Linda Daniels’ home, Cetta Smart’s home, and Maria in the store of the Mission Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Little Village, Chicago.

During a residency at the Kaplan Institute of Northwestern University, I was given access and support to use the z-Form 3-D printer in the engineering department’s Rapid Prototyping Lab. This enabled me to make a small edition of multiples.

3-D Prints, set of 3, each 8in x 3in x 3in edition size 3.